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BDT ৳5,200
BDT ৳4,800

Nandan Park


Nandan park was inaugurated on 3rd October -2003. Nandan Park is now the country’s largest and only family Amusement Park, which is attracting a huge crowd every day. This park is specially…

BDT ৳1,760
BDT ৳1,500

Chitra Resort


Chitra Resort makes your vacation most memorable one, You will have true idea about the countryside.

BDT ৳6,400
BDT ৳6,000

Meghna Shorobor Resort


Amidst the serenity of vast paddy fields that change colours with the advent of every season, stands Meghna Shorobor Resort and Golf Club, a dream that every soul trapped in the urban jungle…

BDT ৳5,760
BDT ৳5,500.80

Dream Square Resort


Dream Square began its journey in 2010 with the purpose of entertaining and energizing people by bringing them close to nature. Its vast area of 100 acres is a big window for people who want…

BDT ৳2,240
BDT ৳2,000

Tea Resort & Museum


Tea Resort, one of the most attractive modern leisure resorts constructed by the British consultants to suit their peaceful dwelling in the midst of tea estates with a wonderful landscape consisting…

BDT ৳4,700

Resort Atlantis


Resort Atlantis is the perfect place to stay for fun and relaxation away from the stress of the city. Located within the Water Kingdom Park, it has 63 rooms all with en-suite bathrooms, colour…

BDT ৳1,760
BDT ৳1,500

Saintmartin Resort

Cox's Bazar

Surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful sea-food–this is Cox’s Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world’s…

BDT ৳640
BDT ৳5,000

Pakshi Resort


Pakshi Resort is an exclusive, private and river view resort lush with tropical plants by the side of mighty river padma of Bangladesh which cover 33 acres of land. The Pakshi Resort offers…