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Onnorokom Resort


n view of development, prosperity and coherent ethical logic of each and every sort of citizen of Greater Gazipur with their promised commitment to implement progression of living standard –…

BDT ৳82,240
BDT ৳2,000

Coral Blue Resort

Saint Martin

Coral Blue Resort is like a warm bath for your imagination– a few modern tent cottages with eco friendly brick building on the last tip of Bangladesh-St. Martin Island with no other tourist…

BDT ৳1,920
BDT ৳1,800

Holiday Inn


Description of the Resort: Holiday Inn Resort is situated at near Meghla Tourist Spot in Bandarban. Distance from Bandarban sadar to hotel is about 5 kilometer. Traveler can go there…

BDT ৳2,400
BDT ৳2,000

Tea Heaven Resort


Tea Heaven Resort was created to offer the maximum comfort to its clients. The rooms are spacious, furnished and decorated in a modern style which allows the perfect use of space. The conference…

BDT ৳2,400
BDT ৳2,000

Dhaka Resort


Dhaka Resort is one of the best resorts in Bangladesh located in Gazipur, about 55 kilometers north from Dhaka. Everybody would be surprised to look at the natural beauty of Bhawal Ghor and…

BDT ৳1,760
BDT ৳1,500

Saintmartin Resort

Cox's Bazar

Surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful sea-food–this is Cox’s Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world’s…

BDT ৳2,820
BDT ৳2,500

Rajendra Eco Resort


Rajendra Eco Resort is 3.9 Kilometers East Side from Bhabanipur Bazar. Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1700 Bhabanipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh Out of 57 cottages (Non AC),14 with 100 rooms are constructed.…

BDT ৳1,600
BDT ৳1,500

Spring Valley Resort BD


SpringValley Resort BD offers Swimming Pool/Venue/Playground/Children Activities and Others on your Holiday's, Picnic, Relaxation and for other Event Management.