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BDT ৳4,640
BDT ৳4,500

Excelsior Sylhet Hotel & Resort


Excelsior Sylhet, the dream of setting up of a five star hotel in Sylhet by Bangladeshi expatriates, is becoming true. Zakaria City, the first holiday resort and eco-park of Bangladesh located…

BDT ৳3,400
BDT ৳3,000

Somudra kutir Resort

Saint Martin

Somudra kutir Resort is one of the most exquisite beach resorts on the Shant Martins Island Offering guests a claiming respite from the city. You are cordilly invited to relax and rejuvenate…

BDT ৳30,800
BDT ৳30,000

Shabuj Chaya Resort


This extraordinary picnic spot is on 24 bighas of land, located at pubail road and gratifies to people traveling for business or pleasure. It offers numerous facilities in addition to accommodations,…

BDT ৳4,800
BDT ৳4,400

Mermad Eco Resort

Cox's Bazar

The ultimate eco beach destination in Bangladesh with the concept of responsible tourism. Mermaid Eco Resort currently holds an accommodation of 16 recycle wooden bungalows. The bungalows are…

BDT ৳1,920
BDT ৳1,750.40

Megher Chaya Resort


Megher Chaya - the escape to the nature in a void of monotony.  It is adorned with the nature herself. To ease your mind just spread your footstep to the 14 acres of serine landscape and…

BDT ৳2,480
BDT ৳2,300

Hotel Shaibal

Cox's Bazar

Hotel Shaibal is One of the relax please in Cox's Bazar.

BDT ৳640
BDT ৳500

Pakshi Resort


Pakshi Resort is an exclusive, private and river view resort lush with tropical plants by the side of mighty river padma of Bangladesh which cover 33 acres of land. The Pakshi Resort offers…

BDT ৳12,300
BDT ৳11,500

Nazimagarh Garden Resort


Nazimgarh 'Garden Resort' is everything a resort should be. Set on six acres of landscaped hillside, it is a self-contained island of tranquility amidst lush green foliage. The Terrace…