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BDT ৳1,120
BDT ৳1,000

Sundarban Eco Resort


Sundarban Eco Resort will be owned by its directors & shared-owners under Sundarban Eco Resort Ltd (Reg. No. 107000/13), a joint stock registered company following company…

BDT ৳6,400
BDT ৳6,000

Meghna Shorobor Resort


Amidst the serenity of vast paddy fields that change colours with the advent of every season, stands Meghna Shorobor Resort and Golf Club, a dream that every soul trapped in the urban jungle…

BDT ৳3,680
BDT ৳3,500

Resort Labiba St. Martains's

Saint Martin

Safe & Comfortable stay, natural sea beach exploration and sight seeing

BDT ৳2,560
BDT ৳2,400

Venus Resort


 Venus Resort is luxury and deluxe resort located in Lalmohan Bahadur bangan near to Meghla, andarban. It is 4 kilometers away from Bandarban city on Chittagong –Bandarban…

BDT ৳2,800
BDT ৳2,500

Dream Holiday Park


Dream Holiday Adventures World............. You are most welcome to visit a dream land like Dream Holiday Park. It will be a great pleasure for us while you & your family spend your…

BDT ৳4,700

Resort Atlantis


Resort Atlantis is the perfect place to stay for fun and relaxation away from the stress of the city. Located within the Water Kingdom Park, it has 63 rooms all with en-suite bathrooms, colour…

BDT ৳1,920
BDT ৳1,600

Arshinagar Holiday Resort


If you love to enjoy Moonlit night in a Jungle, Visit ARSHINAGAR.If you love to see a beautiful Sunrise and sun set from the jungle, visit Arshinagar.If you love rainy season, come and See..…

BDT ৳1,760
BDT ৳1,500

Chitra Resort


Chitra Resort makes your vacation most memorable one, You will have true idea about the countryside.