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Onnorokom Resort


n view of development, prosperity and coherent ethical logic of each and every sort of citizen of Greater Gazipur with their promised commitment to implement progression of living standard –…

BDT ৳640
BDT ৳5,000

Pakshi Resort


Pakshi Resort is an exclusive, private and river view resort lush with tropical plants by the side of mighty river padma of Bangladesh which cover 33 acres of land. The Pakshi Resort offers…

BDT ৳2,320
BDT ৳1,520

Hotel Ecochari Inn Khagrachari


Welcome to Hotel Ecochari Inn.Ecochari Inn Located in Khagrapur, Khagrachari. The name Ecochari doesn't represent the name of a place. Eco means nice environment and chari came from Khagrachari.…

BDT ৳3,200
BDT ৳2,400

Jainta Hills Resort


Jainta Hills Resort is situated on edge of the green horizon of beautiful Sylhet. It takes only an hour drive from the main city and we can promise you that you will enjoy every moment of it.…

BDT ৳2,560
BDT ৳2,300

Bagan Bari Resort

Saint Martin

Get blown away by the ultimate beauty of Saint Martin Island. Welcome to Baganbari Beach Resort located just beside the west beach of the only coral island of Bangladesh.  Stay at the beach…

BDT ৳640
BDT ৳500

Motel Upal

Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is famous for wonderful beauty of Bay of Bengal consisting of golden sands, surfing waves, towering cliffs, colorful Pagodas, rare conch shells Buddhist Temples and amiable…

BDT ৳6,560
BDT ৳6,328

Rangamati Waterfront Resort


Rangamati Waterfront Resort is a tranquil and unique resort in Gazipore 45 k.m away from Dhaka City. It allows you to unwind yourself in serene luxury, comfort and sophistication. With its own…

BDT ৳2,000
BDT ৳1,800

Nijum Resort


Situated in Hatia thana of NOakhali district, Surrounded by sea & shabajpur river(branches of mighty Meghna river)" NIJHUM DIP" is an isolated island covered by mangrove forest.The…