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BDT ৳1,600
BDT ৳1,500

Spring Valley Resort BD


SpringValley Resort BD offers Swimming Pool/Venue/Playground/Children Activities and Others on your Holiday's, Picnic, Relaxation and for other Event Management.

BDT ৳12,800
BDT ৳12,000

Bhawal Resort & Spa


Bhawal Resort & Spa embracing a rich green landscape surrounded by exotic natural rain forest is just an hour drive from the capital city-Dhaka, is the perfect place to rediscover oneself…

BDT ৳1,920
BDT ৳1,600

Arshinagar Holiday Resort


If you love to enjoy Moonlit night in a Jungle, Visit ARSHINAGAR.If you love to see a beautiful Sunrise and sun set from the jungle, visit Arshinagar.If you love rainy season, come and See..…

BDT ৳3,240
BDT ৳3,000

Third Terrace Resort


Several cottages set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and lakes, where each and every plant is carefully groomed and nurtured.  Third Terrace Resorts invites both the leisure and the…

BDT ৳1,440
BDT ৳1,250.40

Eagle Resort


Eagle resort is socially responsible to provide an Eco Lifestyle with different taste.The resort is located at Sukundi Village in the Eastern side of Gazipur Sadar,just 3 Km away from the world…

BDT ৳1,840
BDT ৳1,700

Sabah Garden Resort


#Sabah #Garden is a Picnic Spot & Resort where you can enjoy your corporate programs, family programs, Annual day out & Picnic events. #Sabah Garden Resort & Picnic Sport divided…