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n view of development, prosperity and coherent ethical logic of each and every sort of citizen of Greater Gazipur with their promised commitment to implement progression of living standard – with each heartbeat, we Naseeh Group present our-self to continuously supplement our sincere involvement in practically lifting up “A Dream Come True” changes and bring diversified entertainment in this present livelihood.

In that capacity, preparatory to our commitment, we are going to introduce for the first time “Onnorokom” (Nature Tech Resort)- A new classic entertainment facility for the local people of Kashimpur.

People from all sphere of life has different entertainment dreams and demands, which we are longing for to fulfill, as well as, by involving like-minded beneficiaries, we have a goal to establish-Greater Gazipur the biggest tourism spot of our country Bangladesh in near future.

Numerous industrial plants, projects and various livelihood advancement opportunities have motivated all class of general people from far an near to flock towards this mega city-Gazipur.

Irrespective of origin of birth, race and religion, people are investing and contributing to make the life lively. They have endless passion and endeavor for prevailing upon living in this mega city permanently.

We Naseeh Group has been motivated and pride in specially to note that open-mind-ness, etiquette and greatness of heart of all people of Mega City.

Limited space in dungeon like houses and environment necessited mindful of opportunities for getting outside in open air, thus we Naseeh Group have buildup “Onnorokom” (Nature Tech Resort) where lies the opportunities for modern and classic ways of mixing with nature, In-Sha-Allah.

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