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Shopnopuri is a great Amusement Park which is situated at Aftabganj of Nababganj in the district of Dinajpur. This a theme park which covers an area of 920 acre. You will need to buy ticket to enter inside the park. Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh) to Dinajpur by bus will take about 9-11 hours.

Shopnopuri is one of the most beautiful artificial picnic spot in Bangladesh especially in North Bangle. You can go there either from Hill or from Dinajpur. There you can enjoy here by watching artificial beauty. One can spend night also In Shoponopuri rest house but for that he/ she will have to book in advance. Here lots of picnic parties come every day.

The entry fee of Shaopnopuri theme park is 20 taka per person. At the gate, two statue of angels are waiting to welcome you. This park is divided into some parts.

After entering Shopnopuri, you can go to “Fish World”. Its ticket fee is only 5 taka per person. Inside the “Fish World”, you can see artificial water plants, fished and various water animals.

After visiting fish world, you can go to “Animal Kingdom”. Entry fee 5 taka per person. Here you can see artificial statue of some animals like Amu, Flamingo, Dinosaur, Pegasus etc. This part is great for kids.
“Rongdhony Art Gallery” is another beautiful part of Shorpopuri. You can see here, many different kinds of sculptures and paintings. Entry fee 5 taka per person.

“Moha Maya Indrojal” is another part of Shopnopuri. Here you can enjoy magic. Entry fee 5 taka per person.

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