Snacks to chew on during long trips

  • Mohammad Emran 2224 04/02/2016

If you are going for a trip and destination is very far you also have no idea what snacks to bring with you when you are traveling by bus or car what you will do???  

We listed down some snacks you can bring along in any kind road trip. The food listed here are readily available in the market and groceries, and require little to no time at all to prepare.


Fruits like apples, guava and grapes are easy to store and are readily available in your favorite groceries. Make sure to pack the fruits that will have little or no wastes like seeds, fruit pits, or peelings that you will worry about later.

Forgot to buy fruits? Don’t worry, whether you are heading north or south, you will surely find fruit stands that sells freshly picked local fruits along the way.


Nuts and beans are easy to store, so you can pack these in huge amounts and not worry about running out—whether it’s the salty, roasted ones.

Bread or sandwiches

Lessen the mess, place packed bread or sandwiches in one huge container. Make sure that the bread you are not too crumby or flaky.

Biscuits, Cookies and crackers

Biscuits, Cookies and crackers are every traveler’s best friend. Plus, you can get to choose from a variety of flavors from the grocery store.

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits are healthy and easy to find snacks. Just go to any grocery and buy individually packed dried mangoes, pineapple, grapes, prunes and other imported dried fruits. If you love sweets, why not bring a pack of chocolates?


Hard-boiled eggs

For heavier snacks, try bringing along hard-boiled chicken eggs. Eggs are rich in protein and therefore give one lots of energy.


just pretend that you are watching the road ahead of you with a pack of mess-free popcorns.


Chips are probably the first (and the last) snacks you think of bringing along in a road trip. To make things fun, you can mix a variety of chips and store them in containers for you trip. This way, you get to get rid of the packaging, and you get to have all your favorite chips in one!





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