Unique Waterfalls Across The World

  • Mohammad Emran 2506 28/01/2016

Waterfalls are always stunning. They really take your breath away with their simple beauty. Don't they? If you are looking for the highest, biggest or prettiest waterfalls, this list will be disappointing for you. What we have listed for you here are the strangest, weirdest and most unique waterfalls of the world! Here they are:

1. Bigar Waterfall, Romania

A waterfall that looks like its been ripped out of a fairy tale! Water falls from a mushroom-shaped cliff that is completely covered with moss! As the water falls off the cliff, it appears as if its glowing! This is definitely one of the most unique waterfalls of the world!

2. Ventisquero Colgante Falls, Chile

A glacier is perched atop cliff at an elevation of 6,198 feet. This impressive waterfall is also known as the Hanging Glacier Falls. Its a breath-taking waterfall located amongst picturesque scenery!

3. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Well, its not really a waterfall. Its only another optical illusion. But its seriously cool that we had to put it on our list! This stunning illusion is created by sand and silt that has deposited on an underwater slope. This waterfall is an absolute must-see!

4. Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Not a waterfall, but a crazy optical illusion that was just begging to be on this list! Hierve el Agua literally translates to the water boils. This is a rock formation that has been created by fresh water springs whose water is loaded with minerals that allowed for the petrification to take place. Makes for an impressive sight!

5. Fog Waterfall, Iceland

Here we have another unique natural phenomenon from Iceland. Icelander Kjartan Gunnsteinsson was lucky enough to capture fog cascading down the Breidafjordur fjord and it totally looked like a waterfall. While this isn't a permanent phenomenon, if you visit Icelands fjords, you might get lucky! You never know!

6. Hraunfossar Lava Waterfall, Iceland

Hraunfosser is a series of waterfalls where the water streams out of a lava field that is located about 900 meters away. With its turquoise waters and brightly colored moss growing on the volcanic rock, this waterfall is absolutely stunning!

7. Blood falls, Antarctica

Is that blood? Sure looks like it! But thankfully, it isn't. There is no murder mystery to be solved here! Its simply a plume of saltwater that is tainted with iron oxide flowing out a glacier. That's Antarctica for you! Never ceases to amaze!

8. Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon

The waterfall drops 255 meters into a limestone cave that formed during the Jurassic era past three naturally-formed stone bridges also known as the Three Bridge Chasm. It doesn't get more bizarre than this waterfall!

9. Bua Tong, Thailand

Generally, when water cascades down a slope, it makes it slippery and precarious. The exact opposite happens here, which is why this waterfall is also called the sticky waterfalls. The slope is made of porous limestone that has great traction. Although water is falling constantly, you can climb up these falls with no trouble at all!

10. Upside Down Waterfall, Hawaii

The Waipuhia Fall waterfall is located on Mount Konahuanui in Oahu, Hawaii. Its when the trade winds coming from the northeast are particularly strong that the falling water is picked up by strong winds and blown back upwards effectively turning it into an upside down waterfall. Its a sight to behold!

You see, the world has many unique and beautiful things to offereven waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes! So go forth and travel! There is a lot to see!

Reference: Isha Jalan


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