About Us

Tour.com.bd, is online travel agency for the travelers in Bangladesh. It is sister concern of inception group. It has focused to help the travelers plan their trips. YES, tour.com.bd is a travel planner.

The services are:

  1. Providing information about different places, sites etc.
  2. Providing information about local & international hotels
  3. Providing information about flights & other travels
  4. Providing advanced ticketing & booking
  5. Providing different tour packages
  6. Providing travel design options

You may choose either Display advertising:

    a. Post advertisements of your tour packages.
    b. Text and graphic advertisements
    c. Flexible time period for any advertisement

Or Subscription advertising (profile + unlimited advertisement)

    a. Create an account and maintain a profile
    b. Provide information about products, services, fees etc in your profile.
    c. POST and EDIT advertisements as many times as you want
    d. Unlimited time period for any advertisement
    e. Detail information upon clicking the advertisement

However, you may initiate a new relationship with us based on a percentage fee.

You will enjoy:

• Access to numerous visitors
     o Travelers can rate your service
     o Travelers can share their experience
• Less cost of advertisement
     o Broader timeframe
     o Less expense
• Continuous online advertisements (such as facebook)
• Access to frequent newspaper advertisements
• Access to frequent innovative promotional plans (such as contest/coupon)

It will be an IDEAL TRAVEL PLANNER for the travelers. Because the travelers:

 • Can discover many tourist places and rate them
 • Can compare the itinerary & cost of the packages
 • Can choose & design their tours from hotel and flight information/booking service.
 • Can write review about and rate any packages.