NIRVANA Eco-Resort Day Out Package
Price ৳1,250


“NIRVANA Eco-Resort” is the First Eco-Resort site in Bangladesh. “NIRVANA Eco-Resort” tell us all about How to Get up close & Personal with the gifts of nature. Different Activities like picking strawberries and other exotic fruits with your family & friends. Experience the excitement of the treasure hunt game in the midst of trees and garden with binoculars and ancient treasure maps buried in the 75acres(225 bigha) in the agro complex. Experience the thrill of riding a Bullock cart. You have fun with other activities like boating, Fishing at NIRVANA Eco-Resort.

Family/Corporate day out Package

Service Charge: 10 %

Time : 8 AM to 6.30 PM

1 to 10 person (Day Long Picnic) Per person Price 1,250/=

11 to 20 person ( Day Long Picnic) Per person Price 1,150/=

21 to more person (Day Long Picnic) Per person Price 1,000/=

Package Includes:

  1. Lunch
  2. Evening Snacks
  3. Play ground
  4. Recreation/Entertainment
  5. Common room for refreshment 

Food Menu:


Plain Rice, Chicken Curry/Beef Buna, Mix Vegetable, Dal, Fresh Water.

Evening Snacks:

Cake/Puri, Singara, Fresh water, Tea/Coffee.


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